Project Description

PTFE is a known member of the Fluoroplastic family. Being inert to almost all chemicals and used continuously at temperatures ranging from -240C to 260C, PTFE  is completely unaffected by outdoor weathering. PTFE  contains optimal eletrical properties at both low and high temperatures. It is considered as the slipperiest substance known; PTFE  has the lowest static and dynamic coefficient of friction of any solid material. Absolutely no moisture can be absorbed by this product. Only cementable after going under a special treatment and is not successfully welded. Unmodified PTFE  is available as moulded sheets, rods, tubes, skived tapes, thread seal tape and heat shrink tubingv.

  • Rod 1/8″ to 8″ diameter
  • Tubular Bar up to 12″ diameter
  • Sheets 1/32″ to 4″

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