Project Description

Being lightweight , economical and chemically resistant, LPDE tubing is a useful material. It is UV resistant and formulated to resist stress cracking. Polyethylene materials are classed into categories based on their density: Low density,Medium density,High density.
Good impact strength, lightweight , excellent chemical resistance , low moisiture absorption, optimal low temperature properties, a low coefficient of friction and excellent dieletric properties build the major qualities of polyethylenes. Normal polyethylenes can be produced from resins which are FDA approved.
Improved chemical resitance, tensile strength, greater hardness, better gas barrier properties, greater creep and temperature resistance are the result of an increased density in this material.
Shaped and formed by standard heat forming techniques, polyethylenes can be heated to within 5C of its melting point and can be shaped easily. It will retain its imposed form on cooling. Forming high density polyethylene require heat to a range of 130C and 135C.

  • LDPE, HDPE, Polypro 1/4″ – 16″ diameter
  • Large Tubular Bar up to 24″ OD combinations
  • LDPE/HDPE/Polypro Tubing 1/8″ thru 2″, Natural, Colors
  • Welding Rods 1/8″ – 3/16″ diameter

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