Project Description

A highly crystalline form of polymerred formldehyde, Acetal shapes are produced off resins of copolymer(Celcon) or homopolymer(Delrin). Strength, toughness and stiffness are its main qualities. Good bearing characteristics and a low co-efficient of friction make this product.
Its physical properties remain constant in selected environments because of its low moisiture absorption, concerning high mositure environments. In these conditions Acetal can outperform Nylon by 4 to 1. The machining of close tolerance parts is possible because of Acetal’s dimensional stability.
Strong acids and bases can alter Acetal, but organic solvents will not change this plastic. A high melting point is an advantage. Acetal can be used in prolonged exposure to temperatures of 82C and in short exposures to 93C. Acetal can be used in many electrical environments because of its high dieletric strength.
FDA approved for contact with food.

  • Sheet 0.31″ to 4″ Black and Natural
  • Rod 3/16″ to 12″ Black and Natural

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