Welcome to CentroPlast Canada inc..

We are a Canadian manufacturer of Plastic Extrusions, specializing in Thermoplastic Profile Extrusions of custom designed nature.

Our 3,700 square metre (40,000 square feet) factory incorporates various extrusion lines in order to offer several different solutions including rods, tubes, sheet or custom profiles in a wide variety of materials. Today’s users of thermoplastic extrusions operate in a rapidly changing marketplace, under intense competitive pressure. 

The need is for more than just a ‘good’ supplier to support them. They need the best extruders available. We design, manufacture and supply plastic profile extrusions and enjoy an enviable reputation for service with a friendly approach that is appreciated by our customers, both in domestic and foreign markets. Above all, our commitment to providing this service, which is people-oriented and technically based, has been our hallmark and underpins our traditional values. 

From its inception, CentroPlast Canada Inc. was envisaged to gain commercial success through the application of the virtues of a traditional customer focused service.  This un-swerving core value remains the key driver and rewards us with a loyal customer base. As a vertically integrated company with design facilities, our own tool-room, plastic extrusion manufacturer and our own transport, we provide a complete package from design to delivery.

We would like to thank you for the time you have taken to visit us. Please do hot hesitate to contact us for more information or to discuss your specific requirements.

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